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Rachel Bavis is an Artist and certified Intentional Creativity Method™ Teacher. Rachel designs workshops to help social workers and other professionals renew and heal secondary traumatic stress to maintain their ongoing health to best serve children and families.  She also creates workshops for youth and adults to access their inner guide and unique gifts.

Robyn Patton is a Holistic Life Coach, Men’s Group Facilitator, podcaster and creator of the Intuitive Nourishment for Life program. She is passionate about creating magic through vulnerability and connection, helping others to powerfully choose the story of their lives and whole foods. She offers coaching both face to face and via Skype. Robyn lives in the Macedon Ranges with her two awesome daughters and beloved dog, Henry.

Johanna van Gelder is a licensed spiritual practitioner who practices sacred poetry to teach spirituality.  She recognized that poetry is an invitation to look at life differently.   She supports her clients with the use of sacred poetry to make life choices that allow for greater expansion and fulfillment.  She specializes in supporting people who are very busy to incorporate spiritual practices into their day-to-day life in an easeful manner.

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