Nourishment Sessions

Jen has a loving compassionate approach as she guides and supports someone on a road to healthy eating – starting with wherever they are right now (and having no judgment). She is very knowledgeable and breaks nutrition down into an easily understood format that allows one to incorporate lasting changes. Additionally, I love her approach of supporting each person in our group to become very clear on what their individual health goals are – which helps each person to navigate the road to reach those goals. I highly recommend working with her to support you in reaching your goals of health.

Uma Mulnick
Chiropractor, Portland, OR


Heighten and Brighten You: Personal Retreats

I asked Jennifer to create a personal retreat for me to help me feel more kindness, sweetness and gentleness with myself. I see her as a shining example of these qualities and I wanted that for myself too. The special day she created for me was absolutely transformative. I felt so deeply cared for, and unconditionally held by Jen. Everything smelled incredible and she provided beautiful materials to create and play with, and delicious snacks to keep me fueled. Her attention to detail, her perfectly refined questions, and her ability to tune into what I was feeling on the inside allowed me to bring parts of myself out of hiding and receive her sweetness and deep care. These parts are now receiving sweetness for my relationships and my work. I want everyone to experience a day with Jennifer; she is a pure channel of nurturing goodness!

With admiration, love, and gratitude,
Katie Todd

I spent a beautiful sunny day with Jen Bowers, (she created a retreat to honor the transition) Honoring the Opening that was created in my life by retiring from my career as an interior designer. From the moment she arrived she created a nurturing, beautiful, peaceful environment in my garden. Jen brought everything she needed to make the day a true “experience”! I was pampered, honored, and led to express myself through art, meditation, visualization. Her presence and guidance was fun, loving, encouraging and deep. When the day was done the deck was covered in a shimmery layer of glitter, I felt so light and ready to move forward into this wondrous next stage of life! I highly recommend spending a day with Jen – she is a beautiful “old soul” who understands mindful play!

Ava J.
West Linn, OR

Wellness Wisdomkeeper

Jennifer’s program is wonderful. She is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and health and I felt her genuine care for my nutrition journey throughout her program. Her teaching style is loving, supportive, intelligent, and creative. I love how she wove mindfulness practices, reflective journaling and poetry throughout her program to enhance the experience. She is a gifted teacher and I highly recommend her.

Portland, OR

Jen effectively and lovingly encourages women to access their intuition in regards to food choices and self-care. The course is practical and inspires change for the better!

Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer held a wise, warm, and welcoming space! I’ve been a nutrition fan for years, but this was the first time studying with a group. Loved the camaraderie and sharing that enriched the learning!

Portland, OR

Jen is easy to listen to and speak with, thoughtful, insightful and encouraging she understands the need to break things down into bite size pieces both literally and figuratively speaking. T. M., Pacific Grove, California

Pacific Grove, CA

Community Outreach Events

Tremendous value. The whole evening from beginning to end was awesome! I want to express sincere gratitude for your generosity, thoughtfulness and soulful facilitation. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you again. Thank you again lovely lady.

Portland, OR