Receive. Expand. Create.


Explore your deep inner beauty by traveling through your realm of creativity, art and senses.

My lovingly crafted holistic and luxurious retreats support the subtle shifts you’re looking for to spark powerful transformation in your life.

These inspiring daylong events celebrate your radiance and creativity by immersing you in the healing arts of aromatherapy, painting and holistic health.

I invite you to treat yourself to a day of play and personal transformation.

Individuals; Brighten and Heighten You


Feel like you have more to unlock within yourself? Are you searching for a spark of inspiration to live bigger?

This luxurious retreat will richly nourish you while enlivening and inspiring you to be your best self. By experiencing the connection to your deeper self, you’ll usher in more joy and rejuvenation to live a fuller, brighter life.

  • You’ll be guided through a personalized aromatherapy session

  • You’ll dive deeper into what you want to create for yourself by painting with the intentional creativity method.

  • You’ll enjoy healthy foods and information to deeply nourish you.

A new path will emerge to heighten and brighten you!


I invite you to give yourself the gift of this unique and remarkable Retreat Day.


Contact Jen to create your day.