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Jennifer BowersI’m a person who stops to smell the roses! I do. I love to sniff and smell things. I feel more connected to the world and myself when I deeply inhale the fragrance of blooming jasmine, the essence of a freshly picked lemon, or the scent of my husband’s cheek.

It’s tough to always feel that connected though.

Several years ago, I found myself exhausted and overwhelmed – struggling to overcome deep grief while trying to maintain balance in my life and my relationships. I learned the importance of radical self-care and realized that to truly give myself to others, I needed to be centered and not depleted.

By intentionally treating my body, spirit and mind with love, care and honor, I saw how dramatically I could change my life for the better. During this time, my self-care routine turned from an extreme practice into an essential part of living a healthy, happy, and productive life.

Seeing the positive shift self-care brought to my life, I dove into studying the healing arts including aromatherapy, holistic health and creative expression. My training brought me to many of the world’s greatest teachers and I now share these life-changing gifts with women, men, and children, who want to create space to live with more joy and greater ease.

I’m grateful for being other people’s guide to increasing access to their inner wisdom by communicating with their senses.

As an intuitive and certified Intentional Creativity Coach and Teacher, a certified Aromatherapist and member of The National Association for Aromatherapy and Alliance of International Aromatherapists, Skin Care Therapist, Holistic Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant and member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals; my clients are nurtured by a soulful partner through their own transformative journey.


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