Sensory Circle Day of Play

Give your right brain and your cares the day off!


Feel like you have more to discover within yourself?

Do you desire connection and self-expression in an intimate and encouraging circle of people?


Allow yourself permission to press pause for a day on your business, technology and the responsibilities to your loved ones. Nourish yourself in this creative, playful day of complete rejuvenation, designed just for you.


Come play in art, experience wholesome foods and enjoy aromatherapy. We’ll be in conversation with our senses and hearts desires in this specialized day of discovery and self-honoring through the experience of our sight, smell, taste, and heart center.


Imagine that? A day for yourself! By focusing on honoring you and your gifts and self-care, you’ll revitalize your essential self. For both individuals, and private groups.


I invite you to give yourself the gift of renewal!

Contact Jen to create your day.